Psychoanalytic Publications

Bodies in Treatment:
The Unspoken Dimension

Edited by Lewis Aron & Frances Sommer Anderson, Ph.D.
Published by The Analytic Press

"Having been intrigued by new theories that connect mind and body, and puzzled about the body treatments my patients sometimes talk about, I found this book a revelation. It discloses a startlingly wide range of body-focused thoughts and practices, extending from the use of unworded representations in talking treatment to evocative action directly on the body, with illustrations of many combined treatments between them. There is an especially useful balance of patient phenomenology and practitioner accounts. What is really an eye-opener is the variety of rationales and theoretical apparatuses that underpin these practices, referring to cognitive psychology, recent neurophysiology, the technology of Yoga and much less familiar, far more radically different ways of thinking."
- Lawrence Friedman, M.D., Clinical Professor of Psychiatry, Weill-Cornell Medical College

Relational Perspectives on the Body

Edited byLewis Aron & Frances Sommer Anderson, Ph.D.
Published by The Analytic Press

"In recent years, psychoanalytic investigation has focused so extensively on the intersubjective and interrelational that we could lose sight of the importance of bodily experience and bodily phenomena. In this timely collection, Aron and Anderson have brought together clinicians writing at the leading edge of psychoanalytic scholarship to examine the place of the body within the intersubjective context. All of us have a psychosomatic potential, and in Relational Perspectives on the Body psychoanalysis continues to struggle with the body/mind matrix, the role of the body in self-organization, gender issues and the body, and the meaning of bodily expressions on the psychoanalytic stage. This book will be of immense interest not only to psychoanalysts and other mental health professionals, but to everyone intrigued by the workings of the psychosoma and the body-mind relationship." - Joyce McDougall, Ed.D., International Psychoanalytic Association

Psychoanalytic Publications

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Rehabilitation Medicine Publications

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